主演:英迪娅·布朗 蒂埃里·威肯斯 麦肯锡·克鲁克 萝西 


剧情:电视剧《华泽尔·古米治》讲述了  Set to broadcast in two one-hour films, this family treat is inspired by the classic books of Barbara Euphan Todd and is pegged to be the TV event of the season. Mackenzie Crook has taken Scatterbrook farm and the infamous characters of this well-loved tale and injected them with a tender and authentic charm. This is the perfect family adventure, packed with a fun, mischievous spirit and delivered with an environmental message.  Mackenzie Crook, (Pirates Of The Caribbean, Detectorists) who has written, directed and stars as Worzel Gummidge, has gathered a host of both accomplished and brilliant actors who are set to appear in this eagerly anticipated adaptation.  Playing The Green Man, creator of the scarecrows, who arrives to Scatterbrook in episode two, is comedy legend Sir Michael Palin. He says: “It’s a lovely part for me, but the whole script is very memorable and touching, and very funny too. It quite skillfully weaves in something for everybody all the time.”  Zoë Wanamaker (My Family, Harry Potter And The Philosophers Stone) will play the eccentric local aristocrat, Lady Bloomsbury Barton in episode two. She says: “The whole thing is so charming and inventive. It’s the sort of thing I’d watch. I’m sure it will be a huge success. I know it will - it’s divine.”  Vicki Pepperdine (Getting On, The Windsors) takes on the role of the formidable Aunt Sally in episode one. She says: “There’s something for everybody. It’s got this heart to it, and you’d be hard pushed as an adult not to engage with it.”  Steve Pemberton (League Of Gentleman, Benidorm) will play Mr Braithwaite, the farmer. He says: “This is the kind of show the whole family can enjoy together. It has a lot of humour, a lot of visual humour too, and I think kids will enjoy watching the children being central to the story.”  Rosie Cavaliero (Gentleman Jack, Cleaning Up) will play Mrs Braithwaite, she added: “It’s a story about the imagination, and children escaping into this different world. Mackenzie’s version is totally contemporary.”  Ones to watch India Brown (Hetty Feather) and Thierry Wickens (making his TV debut) will play Susan and John, two city children spending their summer at Scatterbrook farm who quickly befriend Worzel and begin a summer of adventures.  The first episode, The Scarecrow Of Scatterbrook, sees two young strangers arrive in the village of Scatterbrook. It’s not long before Susan and John encounter Worzel Gummidge, the Scarecrow of Ten Acre Field. Their world is sent spinning into confusion when they realise Gummidge comes to life. The only person more shocked is Worzel, when he discovers that the children are not in fact fellow scarecrows but humans.  Their worlds should never commune but fate has conspired to create an extraordinary union. The seasons have stopped and the harvest hasn’t arrived. The rhythm of the natural world is out of kilter and this unlikely trio must try to put it right. Magic, mystery and mayhem unfurl.  The second episode, The Green Man, welcomes another mysterious arrival to Scatterbrook. The Green Man is the creator of scarecrows and keeper of scarecrow lore. He isn’t at all happy that Worzel is consorting with humans. Elsewhere, local aristocrat Lady Bloomsbury Barton is holding a fete, with a Scarecrow competition that Worzel is determined to win. What will The Green Man and Worzel's most competitive rival, Soggy Bogart make of it all?  Worzel Gummidge is written and directed by Mackenzie Crook and is a Leopard Pictures, Treasure Trove Productions and Lola Entertainment production for BBC One. It is Executive Produced by Kristian Smith for Leopard Pictures, Lisa Thomas for Lola Entertainment, Mackenzie Crook for Treasure Trove Productions, with rights holders Patrick D. Pidgeon and Eric S. Rollman executive producers for Pidgeon Entertainment, Inc. It is produced by Georgie Fallon and Alex Moody is the Commissioning Editor for the BBC.  Further casting:  Francesca Mills - Earthy Mangold  Tim Plester - Clarty  Colin Michael Carmichael - Soggy Bogart  Andrew James Spooner - Flat Alistair  Phil Hulford - Hannah Harrow  Tom Meeten - HMS Odney  Christopher-Robert Barlow - Rag Bag  Kiran Shah - Chopper and Root Bound  Charlie Mayhew - Rustle Sprouter  Lucy Montgomery - Jackie Pudding  Gus Brown - Oswald Pollypop  Malik Ibheis - Trike  Ben Langley - Driver  Mariam Haque - Receptionist



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    疑犯追踪 第二季

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    风骚律师 第二季

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    老爸老妈的浪漫史 第五季

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  • Mtime时光网网友:比第一部好看,剧情不磨叽了,主要角色不拖后腿。第一次看到胡子拉碴的主角直接就爱了。华泽尔·古米治电视剧懂得扬长避短,让声音做主角。省去没人想看的废话,省去没人想看的感情戏,一个火球交代了背景设定。一切以场景为中心来设计,而每个场景又都以声音为中心,咋呼、轻响、寂静形成节奏,然后一秒钟不多待就出字幕。很少有电视剧的音效师能感觉自己这么核心吧?
  • 豆瓣电视剧网友:《华泽尔·古米治》这部作品真的太让人热血沸腾了!不管你是喜欢动作的还是喜欢剧情的,它都能让你一直跟随着情节的发展心情起伏。它既有精彩的打斗场面和惊险刺激的情节,也有深刻的人物刻画和感人的情感表达。虽然它可能并不是完美的,但它绝对是一部让你爱不释手的好作品,值得一看!
  • 腾讯视频网友:《华泽尔·古米治》朋友看完后非常力荐让我也看看,我本来是不喜欢这种欧美剧类型的电视剧视频,我忍着看完一小段,越看越入迷,直到无法自拔......
  • 优酷视频网友:这部作品不仅仅是一个娱乐媒介,更是一个富有深度和内涵的艺术品。它通过深刻的剧情、出色的表演和精湛的制作,探讨了人性的复杂性和社会的种种问题。观众不仅可以从中感受到情感的冲击,更能够从中得到关于生命、人类、世界等方面的启示和思考。这部作品不仅可以带来短暂的娱乐,更能够对观众的人生产生深远的影响。
  • 爱奇艺网友:这部影片/剧集/动漫通过精湛的导演、演员和制作团队的努力,讲述了一个令人信服、引人入胜的故事。角色的刻画深刻而细致,场景设计和音乐也令人印象深刻。同时,它也提出了深刻的思考和探讨,使我深入思考人类的生活和内心世界。这是一部令人难忘、值得再看的佳作。
  • 百度视频网友:这部作品拥有令人难以置信的表现力和情感共鸣,它不仅令观众沉浸于一个引人入胜的故事世界中,还带来了深刻的思考和对人性的探索。演员们的表演令人信服,导演的镜头语言恰到好处,音乐的运用更是让人难以忘怀。总之,这是一部值得观赏和回味的作品。
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